Advantages of Using IP Phones

An IP telephone is a phone that uses internet telephony so as to transmit calls over a network such as the internet. IP phones are also known as Voice over Internet Protocol telephone which allows connection to a private branch exchange and desktop phones to a service provider through a local area network. Advancements in technology have made it possible and also cost-saving for businesses and organizations as IP telephones are cheaper as compared to the traditional phone system. IP phones work by converting voice into data that is then transmitted as packets of data from one location to another, and once it reaches its destination, it is sent back as sound waves enabling conversation between two people.

Various advantages are associated with the use of IP phones within the business or organization such as promoting better connectivity and this means that organizations can communicate effectively with their clients despite the difference in geographical regions as long as there is internet connectivity. This ensures that the organizations are able to reach their clients at any time they wish without worrying about the location of their clients.

IP phones from  Yealink Distributor Dubai are also cost saving; this is because majority of the organizations and businesses spend vast sums of money on telephone bills, hence by having IP telephones, it ensures that the organization saves a significant amount of money that can be put to promote growth of the company. The IP telephones are also easy to install and configure as compared to the traditional telephone systems which involved pulling of telephone wires from one point to another to ensure connectivity.
IP telephones, on the other hand, are easy to configure as they have a graphical user interface and also comes with installation software which makes it easy to install the phones within the organization. Traditional phone systems were restricted by the number of telephones available within the company, whereas IP phone systems does not restrict the number of phones within the company and if there is need of an additional phone, then this is made possible without interfering other employees calls.

IP Office Telephone System also allows easy integration of the phones with the current infrastructure found in the company such as fax machines, credit card readers and also the alarm system and this is considered as cost effective as compared to the traditional phone systems. This is because traditional phone systems do not allow integration with other infrastructure available in the organization and this brings about an additional expense to the company in order to promote effective communication within the organization and also with customers.