​Must Have Features For IP Telephony.

Most of the businesses today have crossed from normal phone systems to the IP telephony systems. Even then, you will find that only a handful of them have realized how to use the many features it comes with. In most cases the business owner's end up ignoring some of the most important features in the IP telephony by being comfortable with just the normal messaging, extension dialing, conferencing and sometimes voicemails. Below is a list of some of the features that could be greatly useful in your business or rather your organization if you just choose to put them into use.

You will notice that Yealink IP Phones telephony have the ability of having set hunt group and ring group kind of calls. This will mostly work where the company has a dialer for client service inquiries. In the hunt group whenever a call is placed to the company it will be automatically be delivered to an available group. If the group doesn't respond it is then routed to the next group until the call is picked. In the case of a ring group all the phones of the available receivers will ring at the same time so it will only be a matter of who picks the call first.

There is also a find me feature which is amazingly good in the sense that it helps to find professionals whenever they are off work but need to handle emergency issues. There will be a list of specified user numbers which the telephony will help call one after the other. The process will continue until it gets to a number which the user will pick. In most cases those who use it program it to work in a way that the office phone rings only twice and if not picked it goes straight to the mobile phone. And it continues from the cell to your home phone then your call phone until it gets where you could be.

There are professions such as sales persons, client servicing among others whose business is dependent on the immediate answer who are always supposed to be reachable at all times. There is a feature known as a fixed mobile convergence where the phone is meant to act as any other terminal in registers of Yealink Dubai IP-PBX system. In that case they will be in the position of attending to all their corporate calls at all times. Other than that you can have call handoff features to enjoy. This feature will help you switch from one device to another while in a call without the other person noticing like say from desk phone to mobile phones among others.